A Reason to Ride

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How this started?

Have you ever wanted to help the world in some way but didn’t know where to start? I have felt that way since the day my son was declared cancer free.

Ezekiel had his 2nd birthday in the children’s hospital fighting stage 4 liver and lung cancer. He is now well into his teens and there are so many people in his life to thank for this.. Let me introduce Camp Quality Northwestern Ontario. This organization does wonders to give experiences to kids that have been touched by cancer. These kids are strong. They are resilient. They slay dragons. They are also still kids and deserve a break.. The main focus is a one week camp where these kids and their siblings can get away with friends who have been through it. Friends they can share experiences with. Friends that lift each other up. It is one of the most warming and accepting group of individuals i have ever met. Year round, they have events and get togethers giving support to the “CQ Family.” Being a motorcycle enthusiast myself, this resonates with me. The feeling of family and belonging is something we all feel when riding on two wheels. My kids are older now, and I feel the need to give back the best way i know how… When you see a large group of motorcycles riding down the highway, there is a good chance it is in support of something meaningful. We lean on each other. We support each other.

The integrity tour is just that; spilling some of that support we have for each other over to a cause that supported my kids for years, without ever asking for a dime in return.

It’s time for us to have an Event. Not just the ride. The vision is an event that brings people from all aspects of the community together to support CQNWO. Enjoying food, Music, fundraisers, prizes, and yes Motorcycles.

We ride. It’s what we do. The integrity tour is just a Reason to Ride.


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The Event

  • Held at halfway motors power sports new location
  • a family-friendly event to raise donations for camp quality northwestern Ontario
  • Music
  • Rock 94 live on location
  • Free BBQ provided by Tims meats 
  • Online fundraising opportunity 
  • First place prize is a brand new bathroom overhaul from: 


  • Additional giveaways 

The Ride

  • No minimum donation! Riding with our brothers and sister doesn’t have to be expensive!
  • Ride will depart from halfway motors power sports new location. We will hit the Hwy and ride along the sleeping giant; ending our ride at the newly reopened Silver islet general store.
  • There is no rain date. We ride rain or shine, children battling cancer don’t get the chance to pick their days. Neither will we! 
Integrity Tour September 12th, 2021

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